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Family Updateeeee

I have a question for you guys if you have a stubborn parent how do you deal with them? My dad isn't getting better and I want to literally pick this man up throw him in the trunk and drop him off at the doctor. I hint at him that if he isn't getting better then maybe he should go back to the doctor, but he pretends to not listen. I'm starting to understand the importance of my health the older I get. I don't know if I told you all this but I am the eldest of four kids, Yes my parents couldn't stop after me. This update is everything that is current, Update on my baby sister, Mallore she recently got a kidney biopsy, which came back with even better results than I could've expected. Her creatinine and urea levels are normal which means her kidney is functioning normally. My brother MJ next brought his girlfriend around the family, I know he was scared yall cause we are a tough group to impress and be around, especially me and my sister Marissa. We honestly are mean as hell. I didn't scare her away she seems like a sweet girl but he's the only boy so we don't play. Recently, I've started voicing my opinion to my parents on their parenting styles and they listen, nothing harsh just constructive criticism I think they need to hear. My parents' communication is terrible and I've literally voiced counseling because trauma in your past can block your future blessings with another. I love them both but they have to get a grip. My mother is still trying to take care of the world by herself, she helps and cares way more than anybody I know especially for her children she goes to war to find a way. Well, my mom talks to her sisters EVERYDAY, I find it annoying sometimes but knowing how hard she grieved over her sisters' death, my late Aunt Janet Shaw I try to find understanding in the everyday check-ins between them. It's been 5 years since my aunt was killed I try to not bring it up cause so many emotions are everywhere when it comes to her death. I honestly just don't talk about it because if you've ever stood through a murder trial, especially for a family member it is brutally graphic, probably the hardest thing I've ever done was sit through my Aunts entire murder case in court, traumatized, to say the least.

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