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Everything isn't always Peachy

So for my family and friends that know and the many that don't my baby sister was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a couple of months ago. She's so young and not like your normal Preteen. I currently don't stay with my parents I stay in my own home so at times I feel like an outsider with my family. My father was also diagnosed with Bell's palsy and for anyone that doesn't know its basically your body losing its fight against infections and causes you to become paralyzed. Yes he's okay but I can see its taking a toll on him especially not being able to go back to work. Chile he's about to go crazy in that house but he doesn't understand the word REST. His birthday was the 28th of February and yes this happened the week of it, he's trying to keep it together though.

Keep my baby sister Mal in your prayers please and my Dad Matt. We will see better days.

Love you guys

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